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Floral designer and farmer Dyana Zweng A BIT OF EARTH FLOWERS, local and seasonal flowers


You see value in beauty, nature, and flowers. In your one-of-a-kind celebration, you have a unique narrative to tell. 

You're busy, but I'm here to help. I love to create beautiful things with my hands, with decades of exploration in gardening and design. I'm fascinated by the nuances of color, texture, line, and scale. I want to help you define your inspiration and make it real.

Local, sustainable flowers in Santa Cruz and Monterey counties for DIY bride or wedding flowers


Just like a good cook will carefully source the produce, I'll find you the freshest, most fragrant and beautiful flowers from local farms and gardens.  All of my flowers are grown within 30 miles of my studio in Scotts Valley, California. I harvest many right from my own garden.

Not only does local mean you get the best quality, it means best for small American farms, and best for the environment because of the minimal carbon footprint.

Sustainable floral design by Dyana Zweng A BIT OF EARTH FLOWERS California


I like to keep things natural. I choose farms that eliminate or reduce the use of pesticides and chemicals giving you wholesome flowers to hold, smell, and put on your tables.

I choose to compliment the essential beauty of flowers, which is fleeting and pure, with reusable vessels and natural fibers like 100% silk, linen, cotton, jute, and willow. I hope you'll save and treasure the parts of your arrangements, or reuse and compost them.